A room for oneself – performance

photo: “Waiting” by Elena Helfrecht


A ROOM FOR ONESELF -an experiential sound performance
A modern ritual that promises nothing but a moment all for oneself. A performance as a gift and an act of love around Valentine’s Day.

13th and 14th February from 20:00
Free entrance. A donation is appreciated.

The audience members are offered the possibility to relax one by one into a sound-bath.
Four voice performers will gently place their hands on the receiver’s body and create an instant vocal soundscape influenced by that person’s body.
While the sound-bath is a very personal experience to the one who receives it, the vocal landscape will be transmitted live into the whole gallery space where the other audience members can listen to it as well.

Irene Accardo is an Italian physical perfomer based in Berlin, exploring the topics of storytelling, identity and heritage affecting her own body and the spectators’ perception.
If she would be an animal she would be a meerkat.

Heini Nukari is a Finnish dancer, vocalist, performer and movement and voice teacher.
Her focus is in improvisation and in extending the art of teaching, performing and sharing practises which connect embodied voice and movement work.
If she was an animal she would be dolphin.

María Ferrara is a Spanish performer working at the crossroads between dance, voice and words, allowing sense and abstraction to develop out of each other. She is based in Berlin to pursue her interest in improvisation as performance.
If she was an animal she would be a yellow spider.

Flóra Zsemlye is a Hungarian performer and visual artist.
She is in constant search for honest moments.
If she was an animal she would be a goat