Francesco Geronazzo – BACK TO THE ROOTS

a solo project by Francesco Geronazzo

Opening Friday 28th April 6-9pm

Back to the roots: this is where Francesco Geronazzo’s exhibition in our Project room is going to bring us.
The show will present a selection roots’ tracings made of ceramic chalk, monotypes made with gold chalcographic ink and blue pigments on flimsly paper together with other works made on textile material.
Seeds, stones, small shrubs, roots: these are just some of the natural elements that always recur in Francesco Geronazzo’s artistic practice.
Reinventing an ancient technique like that of printmaking art, Geronazzo creates poetic pictures where his artisan and manual working method gives rise to an authentic “aesthetic of imperfection”.
In contrast with that process of production and reproduction of images offered by modern technologies, Geronazzo creates etchings, sculptures and installations where traces of nature and lifetime memories fuse themselves in a very slow and delicate creative process. 
Typically associated to the idea of origin and source, roots become, in the works of Francesco Geronazzo a sort of bridge between past and future.
Coming directly from Australia, a country where the artist spent a long period of time, these natural elements not only represent a kind of turning point in the artists’ life and artistic experience, but also work as symbols of a new beginning, being related to a place where to possibly settle down and start a new life.

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