Baptiste Léonne

Baptiste Léonne, is a self taught photographer and painter based in Paris.
Starting his career as musician, it is during his tours that he starts his first trials with photography.
From  the camera will follow him in every moment of his life. 
It is shot he tends to captures the intensity and poetry of femininity. 
The serie DIVA, merging photography and painting, reveals women in a delicate and vulnerable perspective. Sometime hidden, sometime deformed by the painted mirror used by the artist to realise this project, all these different women are offering to the camera their astonished images. They are not surprised by their physical shapes, but by the revelation of their being. These women authorise themselves to transform, to disguise, to transcend, so to get closer to their hidden inner selves. And it’s then that the photographer reveals his true intentions: the one of the painter that needs to repaint life. 
And his play of colors, light, reflections and materials emphasize the pure esthetic and poetry of the composition. 
Léonne’s way of painting is an action one. Working on emotions, he fishes in his inner reality so to instal a balance between himself and the canvas. He rips off, punches, he damages the canvas with his pencils, adding layers and layers of colours, still revealing the phases of construction. There is some violence before attending to contemplation.