Enrico Pietracci

Enrico Pietracci, Fermo, Italy, 1958.
Studied at the Accademia di belle arti in Florence, where he graduated with the diploma in Scenography.
In Florence and Milan, he worked as an art director in the field of fashion and advertising, and directed directing at the fashion show in connection with dance and theater.
In the editing of a television program on the topics of business in Milan, he was art director and created illustrations and cartoon films.
Since 1994 lives and works in Berlin. There, he developed illustrations for magazines, designed and illustrated CD-Rom for children, and worked on the rationalization
of cartoon films in Babelsberg.

In 1998, he began his work as a freelance artist. This has been characterized since 2002 by an intensive study of the female figure, which has developed into a unique dynamic concept of the exchange between the artists and the model.
The aim of this concept is to achieve a synthesis of different complementary ones Expressions.
This development has fueled co-operation with female and female dancers and musicians. Thus, the possibility of experiencing new creative dimensions through a combination of different forms of art and their combination in a masterpiece of art.
The phase of particularly strong personal involvement and direct interaction with the other is followed by an introspective phase of the further processing of visual traces that have arisen in the performative phase. A new, further dimension of the “further processing”, the lived and the memory arose.
The “rediscovery” of the surrounding space (city) and the traces of innumerable anonymous beings (their inhabitants) who interacted with it have initiated a new phase of “aesthetic exploration”.
Inspired by detailed analyzes of at first sight random and transitory pictures, taken from the environment with the aid of a small digital camera, the details extracted from photograms are reinterpreted in a kind of painterly and graphic “blow-up”.
Personal stories, which are reflected in anonymous private family photos from the smorgasbord of some boxes on the flea market, are an iconographic exhumation of a “private dimension” in constant transformation. A kind of urban archeology that is painterly translated.