Fabio Romano

Fabio Romano born in Gela, Sicily 1978,  presently lives and works in the city of Bologna, Italy.
Graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts, Bologna, he has been working as artist and teaching “preparation for the exhibition space” since 2013.

Romano’s research focuses on space perception, time and memory in the landscape and it’s relation to human beings (could use humanity or the human experience), his practice incorporates sculpture, installation and photography.

He attempts to make views and/or visions of crystallised places, lifeless landscapes where human presence is constantly evoked by geometric residues, through little wooden structures and the implementation of occurrences that refer to catastrophic and natural events. Places and silent spaces in which the event becomes pure poetry.

Referring to his work as a process in which destruction and creation are ineluctably related, his constructions and deconstructions introduced Romano to a technique consisting of two phases: the production stage, assembling the elements in a kind of landscape, and the destructive one, in which he destroys parts of the architectures with combustion, lime and pigments.

An introspective and philosophic voyage which shows man in his fragile and ended condition, as Marc Augè said ” The man discover to belong to nature only when he has to get away from sites that he was supposed to control”.

His sculptures are covered with dust, a motionless material that “metaphorically preserves the mark of all it was, without losing anything, like a wide store or a huge virtual matrix reconstruction” (Paulo Barone). Mnemonic containers where the dust grants textures and thickness also to the absence.