Thursday 23.02 AND Friday 24.02  
you are all invited to join us for a very unique night:
GUT REACTION (Percussive Dance Theatre) presents two evening in the name of Music, Dance and Theatre
within the frame of SCINTILLATION the Solo Exhibition by Aqua Aura
Entry fee: Full Ticket € 13,- /// Reduction € 7,-
“During the tour FROM BERLIN TO SICILY we of Gut Reaction (Percussive Dance Theatre) had the chance to meet some incredible persons that helped us to make it possible.
Sometimes you say thank you and sometimes they are so incredible that you fly’em over!
So, here we go with unveiling the artists you are going to meet on Thursday and Friday”
Signora… Signora Porzia!
A unique way of making and feeling theatre. Porzia’s productions are one of a kind events; her mise-en-scène are unpredictable and every evening turns into an happening where everything can take place.
Misses Porzia works in close contact with the audience’s breath being able to open internal doors that mutate into a vortex of strong sensations.
Berliner performances:
ADAMORE (flanger folk Singer/Songwriter)
GUT REACTION Percussive Dance Theatre (Marco Rivagli & Giulia Mandelli) with a short whole blinded extract
“Valse Satirique” (Giulia Mandelli, Assi Pakkanen & Grace Monahan , Dance Trio)
“A Dinosaur rang my bell” (Giulia Mandelli , dance solo)

“A BANG” Dance solo (dancer: Barbara Uchdorf , Giulia Mandelli Choreography)

All musics of this event are GEMA FREE! 

GUT REACTION is an English expression that indicates a reaction to a situation derived by a person’s instinct and experience.
MARCO RIVAGLI and GIULIA MANDELLI, both established professionals in their own artistic field, after many previous collaborations, give birth to the Gut Reaction at the beginning of 2015. The unique style that characterizes them, leads the audience on a journey into the most improbable imaginings through an investigation where theatre, body movement, music and rhythm collide.

Energy, freshness, art and instinct are the heart of the project. Gut Reaction put on the market a new vision where the artist, the audience and the event organization collaborate in the creation of the show itself.
Their work is SITE SPECIFIC: dramaturgy, choreography and music are composed specifically for the location.
The duo, that has already performed many shows all over Europe, offers piéces for a very heterogeneous audience.
At the moment, after having performed 4MOODS in Italy and Germany, a show inspired to the famous book “The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-time”, they are presenting the brand new pièce WHOLE BLINDED.