Jaya Suberg

Born in 1956 in Hagen, Germany.
In 1980 Jaya Suberg came to the “walled-in” city of Berlin and She immediately felt at home, a completely different universe!
Jaya felt excited and encouraged … as soon as She stepped into the street.
Everything had resonance, the ailing and neglected spoke her language –
only Berlin smelt like this, looked like this, felt like this.
The eighties: Jaya’s party – wasting your youth, DAF, Joy Division, The Cure and many others. All this sought space, sought expression. Since an early age Jaka soaked up everything – brought everything into focus with her camera. Initially She worked the photographs and other materials into a collage diary; especially when life was hurting. But at some stage Jaya had to transgress beyond the limits of the book cover, develop something greater. The elaborate, surreal collages reflected her feelings: impulsive, intense and imaginative. The photo shoots kept increasing – spontaneous or by appointment. Attractive people, mostly women and the wondrous encounters in the game with the camera became expressions of Jaya’s mixed media works. The increasing ease of access to digital resources was her revelation: She tattooed the beautiful creatures with her own language, applied shades of desire and sketched injuries onto face and body. After years of experimentation and study, Jaya’ve found her means of expression: She combines her photography with painting, drawing, digital collage and mixed media.
Berlin is no longer what it once was … For many years she have spent winters in southern countries, most recently, many times on La Gomera, where she works and exhibits.
There as here, Jaya meets people who often become part of her workflow because feelings are universal. Our stories interweave until everything either dissolves or deepens.
Jaya Suberg’s intention is not to stimulate thought, but to feel … to feel touched.