Luis Bivar

Born 1965 Portuguese contemporary figurative and multidisciplinary artist who presently lives and works in Cascais, Portugal.
Luis was an Art Director and won the first edition of the European Design Modulex Award, while painting and exhibiting his work. His long-term pursuit on painting and collage led him to establish himself in Portugal as well as in Northern Europe and USA.
Greatly influenced by the Pop Art movement, he believes that new media is a permanent challenge and explores various techniques in his artworks: drawing, mixed media and, more recently, sculpting. His work is present in private and public collections all around the world.  

ARTIST STATEMENT: My work reproduces familiar visual signs, through the accumulation and appropriation of images. In each project, my methodology is consistent. Although there are always similarities between the different works, they are linked by recurring concerns. Each project usually consists of several works, often in a variety of different media, grouped around specific themes and meanings. During the research and production, new areas of interest a risen lead to the next work.
My current project “One day at the Forest” accumulation of Botanical images and painting aims to remember the importance that Nature has for the balance of our planet.
“One day at the forest” transports the viewer into an imaginary forest with a lot of hidden details to discovery. I work on large and medium formats where i can feel free to create powerful contrast, combining collage and painting.

My work has a graphic design influence because is part from my education.