weekend of performance art

part of the program of the 5th edition of MPA-B Month Performance Art Berlin

Sikarnt Skoolisariyaporn, UK – Thailand /// Roland Walter & Domi Melhem, Germany /// Anniken Weber, UK – Norway /// Eru and Seven of Eglise, Germany /// Nina Krüger-Schmale, Germany /// Biljana Bosniakovic Serbia – Italy /// Andreas Pashias Greece – Cyprus

Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith & Luisa Catucci

Performers and visitors alike become part of the work, by occupying and experiencing
the space and the actions held within the space of artist platform cell63 on the weekend of
May23rd and24th.
International artists create a two-day high-energy event with an international context by presenting their work in an hourly schedule throughout the weekend.

The power of momentary impulses and the power of intervention with space and time, and the encompassing mix of genre and disciplines create the action weekend to become an unforeseeable overall ‘Gesamtbild’ of Performances where the threshold of categories merges. Material and conceptual strictures are absent and the viewers meet with their own interpretative freedom.

The dynamics of actions and their reception by the viewers change from Saturday to Sunday thus introducing the diversity of art works and their tangibility, and allowing indeterminism to be an original factor of live experiences both recognizable by the visitors and the artists themselves.






Live Performance Art
Sikarnt Skoolisariyaporn, UK – Thailand
Title: Ouroboros
Durational work

I started collecting found objects a few years back, I was fascinated by how they can capture memory of time passed, like a forgotten fossil of our era. Being deserted on streets, an object leaps its capitalistic dimension, it loses its status as commodity – to be sold, bought, used and then resold again – and become a peripheral being, on the edge between being something and nothing, being there and not there. If archaeology is a practice that harvests lost time of the past from its remnants, then what I am interested in doing might be called a futurist’s archaeology, to capture the time lost in our amnesiac present.
email: dorepapa@gmail.com


Improvisation Dance Performance
Roland Walter & Domi Melhem, Germany
Title: ONE
Duration: 20 – 30 minutes

Zwei Wesen, ein Atem. Die Verschmelzung von Körperteilen zwei verschiedener Kontinente und Lebenswelten kreiert in diesem Stück die Fiktion eines Wesens aus einer anderen Welt. Wie ein platonisches Kugelwesen mit vier Armen und vier Beinen ausgestattet, die Aufhebung der Gegensätze und der aus ihr provozierten Gewalt.
email: roland@roland-walter.de www.roland-walter.de
Theather Performance ACTARTOUT
Barbara Kowa and Jonny Kreuter, Germany
Title: from the cycle UNTIL DEATH DO US PART: Seeds and Eggs Title: from the cycle UNTIL DEATH DO US PART: Skin
Durational Work

Seeds and Eggs ist Teil des seit 10Jahren andauernden Performance Zyklus – UNTIL DEATH DO US PART -, der sich mit der Frage beschäftigt, womit wir tatsächlich existentiell verbunden sind, wenn man sagt, „bis das der Tod uns scheidet“. Die Performance ist in unterschiedliche Kapitel unterteilt, die endlos weitergeführt und erweitert werden.
email: kowa@barbarakowa.de


Live Performance Art
Anniken Weber, UK – Norway
Duration: 30minutes
Materials: text,gestures,rhythm,stickywallpaper

Anniken puts herself in a situation of facing a redoing of past ‘undoings’. It becomes a monumental inquiry observed by the voluntary public facility and the body will facilitate a hunting requestor.
Through constructed space, time and materials, the body will be undergoing the re-visitation of objects and the unknown of present moment.
email: weberanniken@gmail.com


Live Performance Art and Live experimental Music, Electric Guitar and Sound Effects
Eru and Seven of Eglise, Germany
Title: a cover-up ‘the detainment of 8 questions’
Duration: 30 – 45 minutes
Materials: paper, carpets, lights, rubber

Words as image become the invitation to follow what seems to become a challenge of thought. Though once positioned, questions remain questions in their static form and they exist with the absence of their answers.
Posed questions may initiate the process of intellectual thought for a while buy diflucan one until the emotional ‚self’ is unprotected and no longer detached. How does the power of thought congest the projection of responsibility and can thinking maintain it’s innocence?
However that which is being questioned, the relation of Life, Position and Being is briefy visible and then disappears in the disorganized state of material, paper and physical sentiment – a cover-up -.
The collaboration research between Eru (Alexander Rues) and Seven of Eglise (Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith) is the exploration of the idea of presence between two simultaneous actions:experimental, improvised sound work and Performance Art Action. The presentation of the work by Eru and Seven of Eglise is always live and invites for a different image-sound perception. The two artists are not aware of each other’s actions and purposely carry no prior knowledge of their individual concepts. Only in the eyes of an audience or viewer two separate entities may collide, coincide or contradict each other’s spontaneous presence. The synthesis is always an image and the perception of times appears illusionary and the impression becomes transparent.
email: contact@kunstwirkstoff.de www.eru7eglise.kunstwirkstoff.de


Living Sculpture
Nina Krüger-Schmale, Germany
Duration: 20 minutes
Materials: several textile objects

Her artwork presents an aspect of the sociological meaning of “covers” with references to the consumer society, artifcial life, the fetishism of merchandise, pollution and war.
Nina Krüger-Schmale investigates a ‘kitsch aesthetic‘ and a peculiar ‘decorativism’ provokes a critical and satirical effect. The performance is refecting the situation of women in East and West „ in the cage of cultural compulsories“ between mantling and ‘dis-vestment’
and the dictates of beauty in our society.
email: nina.krueger-schmale@t-online.de


Live Performance
Biljana Bosniakovic, Serbia – Italy
Title: Madre Natura Duration: 3 hrs
Materials: all natural materials – chlorophyll based body painting, plus the soil (humus), branches, fowers, plants, all prepared and mixed by the artist

“This is my church, this is where I heal my hurts…”
The rebellion of the environment against the human behaviors is embodied in the fgure of a woman who recalls the myth of archaic goddesses, related to the representation of a pure, intact and never domesticated nature.
Email: biljanaue1970@yahoo.it


Live Performance
Andreas Pashias Greece – Cyprus
Title: Vandalism #2 (Black X)
Duration: 35 minutes
Materials: artist’s body, curator’s body, white trousers, graffti spray can

After presenting the frst chapter of the series of live performances “Vandalism” at Institut Supérieur des Beaux Arts de Besançon in 2014, the visual artist Andreas Pashias continues his investigation in ways that the body can be presented as a surface to be marked upon or a substance to be shaped by a surrounding context. Referring to the relationship of an individual to a social ensemble, the process of viewership within the context of a live performance, can be explored as an intervening force onto the body in question – the artist. This form of ‘vandalism’ can be approached as being violently destructive and at the same time creative in allowing the formation of new ‘shape’ and meaning. The body’s reaction to its surrounding bodies is portrayed through the movement that follows, attempting to escape its pre-inscribed position and merge itself with the ensemble it should belong to.
Email: andreaspashias@hotmail.com www.andreaspashias.com




3pm Sikarnt Skoolisariyaporn, „Ouroboros”, durational
3pm Barbara Kowa from the cycle “Until death do us part: Seeds and Eggs“, durational 5pm Anniken Weber, „REMANI”, 30 minutes
6pm Biljana Bosniakovic, “Madre Natura”, durational
7pm Aperitif


12 pm Brunch
3pm Roland Walter and Dominique Melhem, “Performance ONE”, 20 – 30 minutes
3pm Barbara Kowa & Jonny Kreuter from the cycle „Until death do us part: Skin“, durational 5pm Eru and Seven of Eglise, „De – vertuschen/En – a cover-up“, 30 – 45 minutes
6pm Nina Krüger-Schmale, „Captive”, 30 minutes
7pm Andreas Pashias, “Vandalism #2 (Black X)”, 35 minutes