SPRING SHOW – Group Exhibition

ode to the season of renaissance

18th March – 24th April

Archan Nair – Dayana Montesano – Cecilia Mendez – Lacatu

Saturday 18th March 7-11 p.m.

We are glad to invite you to celebrate with us the end of the winter season with our very first Spring Show dedicated to the season of renaissance par excellence. 
The group show will present the artworks of five amazing artists coming from five different countries and exploring five different artistic techniques to share their own personal vision about mankind, nature and their deep, strictly connected relationship.
Ranging from painting to virtual reality the inspiring, colorful and floral works of Archan Nair, Dayana Montesano, Cecilia Mendez and Lacatu will accompany us in the transition from this cold winter to the well deserved spring’s explosion. Spring is the season of the awakening, of body and soul, of senses and consciousness, and we want to celebrate it as the symbol of the gaining awareness we can witness all over the planet of a permanently growing number of individuals, despite the craziness of governments and financial market policies.
In the works of these four incredible artists the human body becomes kind of an hybrid entity whose limits constantly oscillate between organic and inorganic materiality, as dueling at the oscillating borders between the soul’s strength and fragility, underlining the human contradiction of duality between the individual self and the cosmic unity.
The environment surrounding the main figures plays also an important role: far from just being considered as the mere stage of self expression, it allows the subjects to express their own inner dimension, manifesting themselves only in relation with a constantly changing exterior reality, in harmony with the universe and its permanent mutating flow.
In a world where the concept of experience seems to have been definitely replaced by a more indirect and almost detached approach to reality thanks to new media and contemporary life style, the works of these five artists, even when strongly based on technology and multimedia, invite us to reflect on the possibility of a more intimate and direct experience of our own natural world, where the body and its surrounding share the same fluid materiality and spirituality.



Archan Nair

Dayana Montesano



Cecilia Mendez