Marco Réa

Marco Rea was born in November 1975 in Rome, where he is now living and working.
Currently he is one of the most representative artist of Italian Lowbrow\New Contemporary Art.

Marco Réa

Marco Rea was born in November 1975 in Rome, where he is now living and working.
Currently he is one of the most representative artist of Italian Lowbrow\New Contemporary Art.

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Marco Rea was born in November 1975 in Rome, where he is now living and working
Currently he is one of the most representative artist of Italian Lowbrow\New Contemporary Art.
His art pieces are made with spray cans and they are the result of the reinterpretation of already existing images; billboards are careful altered until they only just resemble their original form, showing like that of a secret soul, dark and melancholic.
Marco Rea’s art express an emotional personality, in constant excitement, always aiming to seek its perfection.
Faces are loosing the shape of reality and they materialize into the void. Just like under hypnosis, they will catch your attention and will transmit a vague sense of anxiety.
His artistic production introduces a new original and unmistakable style. It’s a unique piece in the contemporary Italian art.
Marco is mentioned on Wikipedia (USA) together with the worldwide famous Lowbrow artists, there are also countless articles and interviews about him on cult magazines such as Juxtapoz (USA), Hi-Fructose (USA), Urban graffiti (USA), Fecal Face (USA), Inside Art (It.), Mousetouch (Serbia), Cuadrivio (Messico) Black Light (Rep. Ceca), Fluster Magazine (It.), Velvet Italia, GQ Italia, Ziguline (It.), PlayGround Mag (Spagna) and so on.
His art work has been exhibited in many European and american galleries together with the most important artists of the Street and Pop Surrealist art.

Marco Réa and the mask

“When a Master wears a mask, it doesn’t mean that he’s putting a mask on his face, but that he’s putting his soul in the mask”
Years ago I read this quote and it touched me. Generally we tend to think that by wearing a mask our inner being is nullified, while truthfully is our real essence to pop out.
Through their masks the creatures of my artworks do not hide, but unveil themselves.
Marco Réa

Exhibition List

“Grand’Art Fair for Contemporary and Modern Art”- Milan (IT) with Luisa Catucci Gallery
“Moving Kate – Tokyo” The Mass Gallery – Tokyo (JP)
“Anamorphic portraiture”- Mirus Gallery, San Francisco (USA)
“Destroy with care” solo show at Parione9 Gallery – Roma (IT)
“Fashion Flora” SHOWstudio – London (GB)
“Moving Kate” SHOWstudio – London (GB)
“Drawing from the archive” SHOWstudio – London (GB)
“Tarot” Amanei Gallery –  Isola di Salina, Sicilia (IT)

“The fifth annual Supersonic invitational” – Spoke Art Gallery – San Francisco (USA)
“All dreams continue in the Beyond”, Cell63 Art Gallery – Berlin (DE)
“Corpus Dei”, Nero Gallery – Rome (IT)
“Drawing on style”, Gallery8 – London (GB)
“Exit Voto”, Parione9 Gallery – Rome (IT)

“Marco Rea /// Michele Guidarini” MINA Studio – Modena (IT)
“Alter Ego” Studio21 Art Gallery – Salerno (IT)
“WOW! E basta” Museo Pino Pascali – Polignano a Mare – Bari (IT)
“Nymphosis” Nero Gallery -Rome (IT)
“Affordable Art Fair – Milan”, White Noise Gallery, Milano (IT) “Any givin post-it”, White Noise Gallery – Rome (IT)

“unFashion” solo show at Shooting Gallery, San Francisco (USA)
“ Lily Clifford Gallery Collection”, Lily Clifford Gallery – Eastbourne (GB)
“body”, Corner House Gallery – Manchester (GB)
“An even eleven”, Shooting Gallery – San Francisco (USA)
“Oh, make me a mask”, Galleria Liberarti- Trieste (IT)
“Be my Valentine”, Viola Box Art Gallery – Genova (IT)
“Alterazioni visive”, Castello Aldobrandini, Arcidosso, Grosseto (IT)
“Alter Ego”, Studio21 Art Gallery – Salerno (IT)

“ Mélancolie” solo show at MF Gallery – Genova (IT)
“Ghost tales” solo show at Studio21 Art Gallery – Salerno (IT)
“Divide et Impera”duo solo show at EXP Gallery, Carrara (IT)
“10 year anniversary show” Strychnin Gallery – Berlin (DE)
“The Great British Tattoo Show” Studio21 Art Gallery – Fair, London (GB)
“Aliens, forme alienate del contemporaneo” Palazzo Pirola, Milano. E-lite Gallery, Lecce. Palazzo Vernazza, Lecce. Curated by Frattura Scomposta (IT)
Vecchiato Art Galleries, permanent exhibition – Padova (IT)

“Poisoned apple” Fun House Gallery – Detroit (USA)
“The Masque” Galleria Rosso Contemporaneo – Taranto (IT)
“Pimp my Mary” Mondo Bizzarro Gallery – Rome (IT)
“Tarots” Galleria Studio21 – Salerno (IT)

“BLOOOM art fair”- Kölln (DE)
“ITALIAN POP SURREALISM”  Mondo Bizzarro Gallery – Rome (IT)
“Blooms of Daphne”  Fabrica Fluxus Art Gallery – Bari (IT)
“Not here not now” Cell63 Art Gallery – Berlin (DE)
“Simplicitas Magna” Galleria Bongiovanni – Bologna (IT)
“Tarots” Mondo Bizzarro Gallery – Rome (IT)
“Il viandante e la sua ombra” Spazio Museale CLAC – Rome (IT)
“Alterazioni visive” Castello Aldobrandini – Arcidosso (IT)
“Pimp my art” Mondo Pop Art Gallery – Rome (IT)
“Universal love” Mondo Pop Art Gallery – Rome (IT)
“Ziguline Poster Edition” Galleria Studio 21 – Salerno (IT)
“Sk8 like canvas” Galleria Ex Roma club – Rome (IT)
“LUMEN Vol.2” –  Salerno (IT)

“Carillon muto” solo show at Galleria RGB46 – Roma (IT)
“La petite mort” duo solo show at Galleria Degli Zingari- Rome (IT)
“Ziguline Poster Edition” Galleria Mondo Bizzarro – Rome (IT)
“TOYS, TOYZ” Galleria Mondo Pop – Rome (IT)
“LUMEN Arte contemporanea in controluce” – Salerno (IT)
“Terzo millennio” curated by Galleria Famiglia Margini – Urbino(IT)
“Sentiero segreto” Galleria Spazio Misael – Vicenza (IT)
“Frigolandia” curated by Frigidaire Magazine – Perugia (IT)

“Lo specchio nero” solo show at Galleria RGB46 – Rome (IT)
“Magistrates” Strychnin Gallery – Berlin (DE)
“1st Anniversary Show” Genuine Artikle Gallery – New York (USA)
“Lost girl” Galleria Studio Soligo – Rome (IT)
“Carta esaurita” Galleria Famiglia Margini – Milan (IT)
“Flatlandia” Galleria RGB46 –  Rome (IT)
“Human Signs” Galleria Atelier777 – Pescara (IT)
“Nigredo” curated by B.Collevecchio, M.DiVeroli, L. Adragna. Spazio Ex Manicomio Monte Mario – Rome (IT)
“Velvetissement” crated by Velvet Magazine. Spazio CP Company and Stone Island – Milan (IT)
“I nuovi paesaggi” Galleria Famiglia Margini – Milan (IT)
“ I AM, identità d’artista” curated by Galleria Famiglia Margini. Spazio Pergolesi – Milan (IT)
“RAM_09” curated by Nu Factory. Teatro Palladium – Rome (IT)

“FEEL, New Media exhibitions” Kaneko’s gallery – California (USA)
“Souvenir de vacances”  Galleria L’art de rien – Paris (FR)
“Arte e biciclette” Galleria RGB46 – Rome (IT)
“International Poster Art III” Atelier occupato ESC. curated by Sten, Lex, Lucamaleonte – Rome (IT)
“Transformers”, Sala espositiva Ex Aurum – Pescara (IT)
“ Umano? Ultraumano” Studio Cecchin – Milan (IT)
“Introspettivo” solo show curated by Galleria Atelier777 – Teramo (IT)

Group Show at Auditorium Parco della Musica – Rome (IT)

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